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Verkaufe Fiat Spider BS1 124 Bj.70

Es tut mir leid, aber ich muss auf englisch schreiben.

I advertised my car before, but withdrew the sale because it looked possible that I could keep her. Unfortunately, this now looks impossible.

I have owned the car (37207) since 1985. I had her restored in the late 1980's, and she is beautiful... a real pleasure to drive, like a go-kart. She has five 5 1/2J Chromodora wheels, and is solid with no rust. She was underbody treated at the time of the restoration, and has a stainless-steel exhaust... which makes her sound fabulous. She has been registered in Germany with 'H' plates, and has all the KfZ paperwork. This car has the round air filter, and flat bonnet.

The car has sat in my tiefgarage in München for the past 5 1/2 years collecting dust. Even though it hurts, it now makes sense to sell her. She has not been started in this time, and it appears that the brake fluid reservoir is empty. It will not take much to get her through a TÜV and back on the road.

6000 €

Sin 0170 213 6977

von: Sin