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Verkaufe 124 BS1 Spider 1970

Es tut mir leid, aber ich muss auf englisch schreiben.

I have owned my baby (37207) since 1985. I had her restored in the late 1980's, and she is beautiful... a real pleasure to drive, like a go-kart. She has five of the rare 5 1/2J Chromodora wheels, and is solid with no rust. She was underbody treated at the time of the restoration, and has a stainless-steel exhaust... which makes her sound fabulous. She has been registered in Germany with 'H' plates, and has all the KfZ paperwork. She passed her last TÜV easily.

Unfortunately, I have suffered an illness, and it is now looking more likely that I will never be able to drive again. The car has sat in my tiefgarage in München for the past 5 years collecting dust. Even though it hurts, it now makes sense to sell her.

What is the value for such a car?



von: Sin

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AW: Verkaufe 124 BS1 Spider 1970

Hello what would make the spider? € 4000 to be enough

von: alberto

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AW: Verkaufe 124 BS1 Spider 1970

I give you € 4500 !! Wink

von: Kai BS1

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AW: Verkaufe 124 BS1 Spider 1970

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AW: Verkaufe 124 BS1 Spider 1970

According to Classic Data (via oldtimer-info.de you can get the prices) the price tag for a 1600 in condition 2 is 12.100 - 14.200 EUR.


von: stefhahn

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AW: Verkaufe 124 BS1 Spider 1970


I´ve sent you an PN!
Please call me, my Number is 0173/3987363.


von: Comentatore

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AW: Verkaufe 124 BS1 Spider 1970


were are not here at ebay , please serios offer´s

sorry for my bad english

macht bitte sin seriöse angebote am besten per pn

ich schließe den thread wie immer , sonst gibt es vielleicht wieder ärger hier




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