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Suche 124 AS 1 serie armlehne

Sorry but my German only serves to make the title... I am desperately looking for a set of these armrests (armlehne) for my '67 AS:


If you can help me, please let me know. Thanks and best regards,

Eddie Relvas (Portugal)

von: eddie124

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AW: Suche 124 AS 1 serie armlehne

Hallo,i hafe from 70 Year Tel 077 407 14 06 Zürich Switzerland

von: Geviedi

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Re: Suche 124 AS 1 serie armlehne

Hello Geviedi,

Thanks for your offer, but these armrests I'm looking for were only used from beginning of production to very early in '68, every car since has the same late-type armrests as I have on mine now, and not the ones in the photos.

Come on, isn't there anyone tearing an early car to pieces? I'm prepared to pay a very fair price for a set of these!

Cheers, Eddie

von: eddie124