CS0/2000/Turbo - ZFA124CS005000072

Turbo. For sale on behalf of a customer Fiat 124 Spider TURBO, 1981 , LHD cream with tan interior. The car is original except it had red striping which the previously owner removed. The body is in good condition and no welding whatsoever required. The interior is nice and complete and needs a refresment. The brown canvas top is in allmost new condition. The Fiat comes with a USA title , all taxes and duties have been paid in the EU. Allover intrested Fiat Turbo but required little work on electric systeem like meters/ wipers etc. Engine runs smootly whit good gearbox. For sale: £12,950

Typ | type: CS0/2000/Turbo

Fahrgestellnummer | chassis no.: ZFA124CS005000072

Laufende Nr. | sequential no. : 5000072

Baujahr | date of manufacture: 81

Erstzulassung | initial registration:

Standort | location: NL - ?

Farbe | color: beige

Interieur | interior: beige

Verdeck | top: beige

Farbcode | color code: beige

Stand | version: 01.02.2022