AS - 124AS0008548

One owner since new. 55000 Km. great shape and perfectly original. This car was original sold in Brazil in July 1968. at that time FIAT was trying to construct a new fabric in Brasil (concluded in 1972) and brought some cars to sell them on here. This one was bought new and used just on winter becouse the sun in Brazil is to strong. the owner had pagodas, cadillacs and others, so he used the car just for a few days in a year. 3 years ago he started selling all his antiques cars becouse now hw is too old to drive. so he asked me if I would like to buy the car and do a complete restauration on it. The car was in great shape, never painted and never restored. so I did bought from Bruce´s parts all new parts, like hoses, break pads, spark plugs, battery, etc. just to put it working like new. This car is imaculated. with original parts. and only just 55 KKm.

Typ | type: AS

Fahrgestellnummer | VIN chassis no.: 124AS0008548

Laufende Nr. | sequential no. : 0008548

Baujahr | date of manufacture: 68/06

Erstzulassung | initial registration:

Standort | location: BR - Minas Gerais

Farbe | color: red

Interieur | interior: black

Verdeck | top: black

Farbcode | color code: rot

Stand | version: 1.8.2005 00:00:00