CS0/2000 - ZFA124CS000170092

Mileage: 55680. Pros: NEW: (Engine Overhaul just over 5500 miles ago, Transmission overhaul at the same time (no second gear catch), Brand new wheels and tires, Brand new tie rod ends, Brand new front and rear shocks, newer paint, newer top, new drive shaft flex joint, new U joint and more.) Cons: New Horn needed, small tare in driver lower back seat. Auctioned at Ebay before 02/2014: $ 3,383

Typ | type: CS0/2000

Fahrgestellnummer | VIN chassis no.: ZFA124CS000170092

Laufende Nr. | sequential no. : 0170092

Baujahr | date of manufacture: 80

Erstzulassung | initial registration:

Standort | location: USA - Arizona

Farbe | color: red

Interieur | interior: black

Verdeck | top: black

Farbcode | color code: rot

Stand | version: 01.07.2014 00:0