CS1 - 124CS10137973

Manual transmission. Clear title. It runs pretty good. It has had new switches for the lights, turn signals, and wipers. The points have been changed for electronic ignition. The emergency brake cable, clutch cable, and clutch fork have been replaced. The car has been in the garage and there are no oil marks on the floor so it appears not to leak any oil. There are some small dents around the car. There is very little rust on the paint. The clear coat is peeling. Auctioned at ebay in october 2002 for: US $1,525.00.

Typ | type: CS1

Fahrgestellnummer | VIN chassis no.: 124CS10137973

Laufende Nr. | sequential no. : 0137973

Baujahr | date of manufacture: 78

Erstzulassung | initial registration:

Standort | location: USA - Texas

Farbe | color: blue

Interieur | interior: tan

Verdeck | top: tan

Farbcode | color code: blau

Stand | version: 01.09.2003 00:0